Car Audio System with 4 Speakers

Product description

  • Comfort to enjoy your favorite tunes in a Non-Stop Mix with MIXTRAX
  • Hear, connect, and control the music from your iPhone or Android Appliance through USB
  • One RCA Preout (2 Volts)
  • Two pairs of speakers
  • Pandora ready for iPhone

Keep the party going with MIXTRAX

This is considered as innovative-pioneer technology, which contributes to creating a non-stop music mixture. Thanks to that, your music library becomes completed with a variety of DJ effects that are inspired. Because of drawing from rich DJ heritage of Pioneer and the passion for music, MIXTRAX has brought an original DJ-infused listening experience to anyone in a car. A USB device, certain Android devices, an iPod, or iPhone ?there are the devices that MIXTRAX uses to take the music; then, it plays back with the extra effects and transitions. Like that, the inside of the Pioneer receiver will be created a virtual DJ.

In additional to that, MIXTRAX still makes the automatic tracks, which are being remixed both quickly and easily. You only need to connect the USB device and begin listening to your favorite songs, which are joined by a wide range of effects of the random sound in non-stop-mix play in order to keep the groove coming with full of swing.

Similar to the light effect, MIXTRAX has also owned the club-style illumination features, so the mood is enhanced with a dynamic dance. When MIXTRAX starts, the lights also begin to pulse to the music beat. You are able to select one of the patterns of lighting variations from the low-pass modes of synchronization or the pressure level of the sound.

An experience of listening better than ever

Internet radio personalizes Pandora ?a design helps you to discover the last music ?mixing with the music your already-known music. The DXT-X2669UI will allow you to enjoy the optimal sound quality; even, the Pandora control is also placed in your hand via the touch screen of the receiver. By moving the thumb up or down, you can easily switch between the radio stations and the full-track data.

With iOS devices, they are compatible with in-dash control for Pandora. It is extremely simple. You just need to download the Pandora app to the iPhone yours after connecting it to the DXT-X2669UI. Hence, it takes the music to your desired level. To use this device, you must have a wired connection to utilize for the interface cable ?CD-IU51 USB ?30-pin model or lightning model. Both are separately sold.

USB-directed control for iPhone

As mentioned above, if you want to connect the DXT-X2669UI to your iPhone, you can use one of two above models so as to be able to enjoy your storage music on the devices. All things will be displayed on the LCD screen ?name of songs, artists, time,?Finding the content will also become quicker. The USB-wired connection of the system offers the digital signal transfer from your devices a clean manner.

Rethinking connection

Thanks to App Mode, both viewing and listening to the content of the compatible applications is entirely likely. You will directly select on the screen of the receiver from an iPod Touch or a connection iPhone. Besides, don뭪 forget the limited controls ?either track forward or reverse can be performed from your receiver.

*Note: If possible, you ought to control the apps because not all they shall be compatible with App Mode.

Android media access

Those who are using the >= 4.0 Android operating system can connect and listen to music on their appliance as long as it is compatible to the Pioneer of the vehicle without needing to utilize any apps. Utilizing MTP ?Media Transfer Protocol made this process. Thanks to MTP, the Pioneer receiver may recognize the Android smartphone like a music-stored device. For the time being, the users may access their music through the storage USB on any Android devices after running the fundamental operations such as REW, Random Play, FF, Pause, Play, and Repeat. The name of song, artist, and track are displayed on the screen a clear way.

A couple of other features

  • 5-band graphic equalizer
  • Built-in MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier
  • Multi-segmented LCD display, along with led backlight ?12 characters
  • Front AUX input and USB port
  • Anti-dust design
  • A set of RCA pre outs ~ 2 Volts for expansion system
  • Advanced sound retriever
  • Two 6.5?2-way Coaxial speakers ~ 200 Watts
  • Two 6?x 9?3-way Coaxial speakers ~ 200 Watts


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