Finding the Best Golf Bag

You need to make sure that you have the right back so that you will not have a hard time in the course because of gold bag that’s not right for you. Choosing the right golf bag is important because it will be the one to carry your clubs and clubs need protection. The sport of golf is a little expensive, but if you have the right gear, your things will not wear out easily.

Finding the Best Golf Bag


Bag types

There are carry bags which are also known as Sunday bags. This can be taken with you if you don’t want to take all of your clubs with you. Carry bags do not have a stand included so it needs to be carried all the time and can only fit only a few clubs, tees, and balls.

There is the stand bag which is ideal for the golfer who takes all of the clubs to the course. They have a stand that can stretches out when placed on the ground and it will retract again when the bag has been lifted. The stand-bag has more features compared to carry bags and can carry a full set of clubs with dividers on the top.

Cart bags are for golfers who use a cart on the course. They have more features compared to a stand bag. They have valuable pockets, cooler pockets, 14-way divider system and external putter wells.

The heaviest is the staff bag and this is used by professional golfers. The staff bag user has his own cart and the bag will always be connected to the cart wherever he goes on the course.


The weight of the bag is important because you will need to carry it around the course at times. Choose a bag that has all of the features you need and at the same time easy to carry around the course.

Course storage

Whether you have a staff or cart bag make sure that it has enough space for everything that you need while you are on the course. Check if it has pockets for rain wear and a space for your camera or wallet. Choose the bag that has enough capacity to carry all of your needs.

Consider the price and the brand

The golf bag is more expensive if it has more features especially if it is a staff bag. There are several known brands for equipment out there and it is best that you check them out first for helping you choose the right golf bag.

Finding the right golf bag is important because there are days when you just want to take some clubs with you so you must have a carry bag and there are days when you wish to take all of your clubs with you so you will need a stand bag. This is the reason why some golfers have more than one golf bag. Imagine if they have to take everything with them all the time, then it will be really uncomfortable for them.

Choose the right golf bag for your needs.


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