Some tips on choosing balance bicycles for children

Biking is one of the interesting and beneficial activities for kids. On the market today, there are so many types of cars for parents to choose but they should base on the age of their children to choose the most suitable bike for their kids.

Children are from ten months to two years old

Tricycle having fun design and handy with footrest and lever is suitable for babies who can sit firmly (about ten months). Babies of this age usually cannot cycle by themselves, so parents should put the kids into the seat and push the baby for a walk in the neighborhood or in the park, which creates a little excitement to the world around them. Bicycles for toddlers is often mounted a sun, rain roof and a rear basket for you to contain babies?belongings when you take them to go out.

When the babies get older and strong enough to ride alone, you can remove the rest leg and the lever in order that your children have a lightweight trike.

Babies are from two to three years old

If your kid is more than one and half years old, you make your decision to buy bike for the baby, you should pick a lightweight three-wheeled bicycle. The first objective when purchasing bicycles for baby is the safety and comfort for children. When you buy vehicles for children, you should pay attention to the following things:
We should take your kids to choose vehicles in order to ensure that the baby like the style of the vehicle.
There are many bikes that manufacturers make a mistake. For example the pedal problem make your baby can pedal round. That is the reason why it is necessary to see balance bike reviews by click here to understand all of information about the bikes in order that you can choose the best one for your children. In addition, you also need to ensure that when sitting on the bike, the kids?foot can pedal comfortably, not to exceed bending nor makes little leg fatigue. It is advisable to choose the genuine bike for your kids but its price is not too high.
When buying a bicycle for the baby, you should pay attention to check the certainty and safety of vehicle frames, pedals, wheels…
You should buy the children bikes with compact design that you can easily carry away without worrying about the storage.

Babies who are older than 3 years

Parents should never forget to wear a helmet to your children when they are cycling. Children from 3 years and older can use the bikes running by chains and wheels mounted behind. With three to four years old children, parents should choose to purchase a vehicle having the wheel diameter of 30 cm. Bicycles for baby from four to six years of age, the diameter of wheel size is about 40 cm, 6-8 years old is about 60cmand 8-10 years old is about 50 cm to 60 cm.

The general rule when choosing a bicycle with everyone is to try the distance from the saddle to the handle bar so children feel comfortable when holding the handle, riders do not have to try hard to hold it and not bend back, this can cause tiring. When sitting on the saddle, your right foot must touch the ground. Parents can ask the salesperson or they can adjust the saddle height to suit the child’s height by themselves.
Parents need to help children become familiar with the vehicle they buy for them. Compared with the three-wheeled bicycle, chained vehicles are heavier and cannot backpedal, so she can be confused for the first time driving. When they need to be familiar with the handbrake and master the speed and when the baby can ride the bike skillfully, parents gradually unscrew each rear wheels for children learn to keep balance.
Learning to bike is sometimes inevitable from falling and injuring, so you should prepare a light type of helmet and protective knee, elbow pads to keep children safe.
With these above tips, hope that you can select the best balance bike for your kids in order that they can satisfy their hobby of cycling and improve the overall health due to this activity.

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